about me

My name is Mel and I’m basically a space nerd. I’m the one in the NASA hoodie or Star Trek t-shirt, wearing planets for earrings. The Douglas Adams quote and cat-alien tattoos. I love talking anything space and do so by social media, this blog and any other channel or person that will listen. I’m always learning. I firmly believe that the key to understanding the universe and our place in it, lies in Quantum Theory. 


I believe that identity matters. Be it as a space nut, a Trekkie, or whatever gender or letter in the LGBTQ+ community you are (or aren’t). I never believed in labels myself but I’ve realised that by finding some that actually fit and stick, life is considerably easier. Of course you’ll get obstacles as well, as a left-wing, carbon footprint reducing person, I meet a lot of people who think that’s just bullshit. Also my love for space isn’t frequently met or understood. I’m fortunate enough that the people close to me don’t have a problem with my gender identity but I know not everyone is that lucky. I want to fight for them as well.  

Social media

I’m a member of the Netherlands Space Society NVR, as part of the social media team. This job is great fun and if anything it showed me that you don’t need to work in the industrie in order to be as passionate about space like those who make space exploration possible in the first place. 

We’re all big nerds. And that is something we should always cherish and never forget.

Get in touch via Twitter @ melspace42