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UFOs exist and this is what you should know

Of course UFOs exist. They always have been and probably always will be. If you can’t identify a flying object, then it simply is an unidentified flying object. It’s that plain simple. But what is an unidentified flying object? Well, it’s unidentified so we don’t know. It could be a secret military object, with or without alien technology hailed from the 1947 Roswell incident, it could be an extraterrestrial object, with or without aliens inside or something completely different after all. We. Don’t. Know.

More and more “mainstream media” are now reporting that military people have been seeing these objects and are now coming forward that they’ve seen them. Or rather, it’s made public. Some newspapers and news sites have picked up this story. Some don’t. It’s not the first time reports are coming out that unidentified objects have been seen by military people and pilots. What is different this time? The outcry from the UFO community. And it is not helping one bit.

In your face!

“Booyah, in your face I told you so!” is never a good look and this rings true in this case as well. It looks like people within the UFO community are celebrating that finally they have mainstream coverage. And that disclosure is now happening. And that’s a good thing of course. But they are also harassing news outlets that haven’t covered the story (for reasons, I suppose) and are harassing the science world with “Hey, why aren’t you saying anything now, you twats?”.

It is not pretty.

I know the UFO community has worked hard on making ufology acceptable, to be accepted for their belief that UFOs are out there. In cases of mainstream exposure like this time (it has happened before mind you), you hear them say that it’s always been about the unidentified notion, not aliens persé. I’m afraid that this last thing isn’t necessarily true. If ufology was only about the notion of unidentified and willing to unravel secret military on-goings, aliens would never ever even been mentioned.

Hassle the cattle

Okay, here’s the thing. UFO has a nasty name. It’s been ridiculed for decennia. It stands for believing in little green men from outer space with funny antennas on their heads. It stands for greys only here to hassle the cattle and anal probing humans. UFO stands for crazy people. This is a problem. It is a real problem. Because believing in extraterrestrial intelligent life, believing that it might be possible that they know about us and have been here already, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re crazy.

I believe it’s possible. I believe UFOs have been seen by military people, pilots and other people. It may be secret objects, it might be extraterrestrial. I don’t know. I think it’s good that media is writing about these things without making fun of the subject. It’s highly refreshing. It’s good that people who would never look for these stories, can read about this. And if it’s highly secret stuff, we may want to know about it at some point, right? It is however not a good idea to harass other people that they’ve been stupid. Just because you’ve been labeled stupid doesn’t give you that same right. No one has that right.

Story of the century

The news item that people from the Navy have seen UFOs is not the story of the century. The story of the century is either that the UFOs are indeed 100% confirmed military flight planes capable of destroying half the Earth with one single shot being kept a secret for over half a century, or exotic life forms stepping out of these UFOs. If not, it’s a news story, an exciting one that possibly leads to more information about these objects, but by no means it’s “the story of the century”.

The news items are normalising UFO sightings and that is a positive thing and an incredible step forward in what may indeed lead towards a possible story of the century. The behaviour by groups of UFO people harassing people and shouting Booyah I told you so is damaging this leap forward. Am I saying that ufology is currently damaging their own progress? Yes I do.

Hard work is paying off

Credit where credit is due because the UFO community has been working hard at being taken seriously. And they have succeeded in some aspects actually. News outlets have been reporting more about UFO related stories in a normal and matter of fact way. Documentaries on the subjects have been exposed to an incredible large audience by for instance Netflix and bookstores are more and more stocking books on the subject. New books will even be reviewed in newspaper without completely slamming the subject down. It’s more that we (yes we, because in a way I’m UFO people too) could have ever hoped and dreamed of. Don’t ruin this with the first sign of success.

What also bothers me, and has always bothered me, is the slamming down of ‘these science people’. ‘These people’ apparently are the enemy. I won’t deny that science can be quite degrading towards the subjects of UFOs and aliens. At the same time science, and astrobiology in particular, is more than ever working on definite proof that we’re not alone in the universe. No, they’re not looking for evidence of UFOs. They’re looking for life forms. Which also could be the news of the century.

Stay classy!

Is that it though? Does the UFO community want to be the ultimate truth as the news of the century and is science search for alien life threatening this? It’s a ridiculous question. But so is the harassing of ‘these science people’ only because they’re not investigating or acknowledging UFOs. Investigating UFOs is the work of ufologists, doing science is the work of scientists. These two can coexist and essentially help each other. I’m looking in both directions in this case.

Even though I’m incredibly annoyed by the behaviour of ufology these days, I will continue to follow. Because it’s not just about slamming down science, newspapers and each other for that matter. It’s the continuous quest for recognition. The serious (and less serious) investigations that are still being made. It’s the reporting of sightings and the research of these sightings, sometimes saying it’s just been a satellite (or 60) and sometimes saying it really can’t be explained.

Keep at it UFO people! But, for everything that we stand for, stay classy. Just stay classy and be polite and point people to the new findings, not harass them for not paying attention at this time. That will get us another big step forward. The current state of ufology, I’m afraid not. Don’t ruin what you build up so passionately is what I’m saying. I know you’re just passionate but you also know I’m right. Stay classy guys!

What if Voyager 1 crashes

Just imagine this. You’re out in the field. Doing research, going for a walk, just relaxing, whatever. Suddenly you hear a sound and you look up to the sky. An object is flying through the air. An Unidentified Flying Object? You follow it with your eyes until you notice that it will fall down pretty close to you. It’s going to crash. You seek shelter but you keep watching the object. It crashed and you get up to look what has fallen from the sky.

Pause right here. Before we go any further we need to set some things straight. You are on a planet but not on our solar system. You have vision, otherwise you wouldn’t have seen it. And you have a hearing device or else you wouldn’t have heard it. You are not too small to have been completely ignorant of the object and you’re not too big either. It could have crushed you. You have been aware of it. You know to check it out, you have intelligence. You are what we on Earth would call an extraterrestrial intelligence or in short, an alien.

In this story it’s important you have eyes that can see and ears that can hear. Intelligence will help you too and you’re about the size as are the humans on earth. What are the odds of that? You have no idea and neither have we.

Back to the object. You’re walking towards it and notice that it’s a wondrous thing. The first thing you notice is the disc. It’s a little under 4 meters in diameter. There are sticks attached to the disc and a box. What the hell is this thing? It looks a bit like an old satellite. How did this end up here? There were no news reports about old satellites still up in the air. Didn’t anyone see this thing coming?

Probably not. It’s probably too ancient to be picked up by current means of communication and detection. Didn’t it appear on any radars? You look around. So far no one else is heading your way. You have time to examine this machine, which may be up to 800 kg in weight.

OK, pause! If you are being picky you now may ask the question how the weight can be estimated to 800 kg. Weight depends on gravity. We could say that the weight of the object is about 10 times the weight of the full grown alien. If we are already assuming this alien can see, hear, feel and walk, we may as well assume they are about the same size.

You walk around it. Astonishing! This is ancient! It must have come here through a wormhole or something. Which may explain the late detection, if so, of this object. This must be from a civilization that just has learned to communicate around the globe and beyond! And if that is the case, they must have left a message.

With still no one else coming to the object (which is indeed a little strange but is convenient for the story), you careful try to touch it. Amazing! You study how everything is connected to each other and then notice there’s a compartment. Your heart is pounding, what would be in there? You see something that shines with the little light that hits it. Carefully to not break anything you reach out and retrieve something you have never ever seen in your life.

It’s a gold disc. What a rare element, a weird choice to create something so… what is this? You flip it around and see that the other side has grooves in it. Peculiar. It has a darker ring on which the grooves are much further apart and something is written or drawn in the middle. There’s a hole in the middle. You flip it around again and see a flat surface with circles, lines and squares. There seems to be a code on it but you aren’t sure. What you are sure of that this is worth a fortune, even if someone has sketched into it.

You decide to keep the disc and leave the rest of the object to the scientist. No one will know you took it. You call the authorities who order you to get away as far away from the thing as possible. No, you haven’t touched it, which is good. They however have questions for you. You leave it for later and go home.

At home you store the valuable disc and head over to the news device. Scientists have yet to confirm but the object seems to have traveled from another solar system. This means that there is indeed another civilization out there. They may not be as advanced as we are judging from the device but they are out there. Scientists are looking for a message. It could be anything because we know nothing about them. For all we know the device could be emitting signals over and over again trying to tell them something.

You smile and are excited. You found that thing. You hope that whatever signal the ting is emitting is a friendly one and that you didn’t find a war machine. That would look bad.

What the alien has found is of course the Voyager 1 (or 2). We send a golden record, an LP, to them assuming they know how to play it. Changes are that the aliens don’t even know what a record is and are looking for signals from the satellite that correspond with their own ways of communicating. And our alien friend? He has something so valuable in his house, namely gold, that with the fame he gets for being the one first at the scene of the crash, he starts to become paranoid. He may be the wealthiest alien on the planet but no one can ever know. For all we know we have caused an alien to go insane by sending some music and sounds from the planet Earth.