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Have a nice World UFO day

Knowing too much is dangerous. If you spread this knowledge it’s even more dangerous. We all know this rings true. And the media is reminding us ever so often that when you spread sensitive information, you will be punished. Whether this is entirely OK is a whole different story. Don’t we have a right to know that the world leaders of this world, whom we may or may not have elected, which election has been fair or not, having secrets from us? And if we have read the leaked information, aren’t we a thread as well? 

I want to believe

I know a bit or two about aliens and UFOs. I will not claim to know it all and have the ability to name all sightings and have all the names of who is who in ufology. This is mainly because I tend to observe from the outside first before deciding to dive into the story. Also, other people are way better in the study of UFOs than I am. Some people may be even professionals. Me on the other hand simply believe. 

It starts with a I want to believe. If I stumble upon a case that nibbles on my curiousity then I want to believe the story. Has Belgium really been invaded by UFOs a couple of nights in the 1990’s? That I want to believe. The most important question I had was Why are they there? No offence, but Belgium is hardly a place of interest. Sure, EU headquarters are there but the UFOs weren’t checking out Brussels. Nor were they trying to find out why their fries are so incredibly tasty or looking for the waffles recipe. Actually, the most iconic photograph of this phenomenon has been a hoax. Some clever prankster made a pretty realistic photo of what very much looked like what everyone else had seen. 

That means the photo is fake. Case closed? I know that most likely it weren’t UFOs and perhaps some military planes were tested because who will care what flies over a small country such as Belgium (no offence). The file about this case is massive however and knows stories far beyond the photograph. This indeed remains filed under the I want to believe pile. Are the people who have reported sightings and the people who have investigated the sightings in danger? No and they never were. 

Betty and Barney

I’d like to think I know a fair bit about the Betty and Barney Hill case and not just because I read the book. Here’s a case that continues to intrigue. Betty and Barney claimed to have been abducted onto an alien spaceship. Betty seemed to have handled it better than her husband Barney. She decided later in life to talk openly about it. It may have damaged her credentials because this is a case that is not just well documented but sounds solid, even if it may sound impossible for most standards. Was Betty Hill a thread? Hardly. Are people who support her and know and believe her story a thread? Hardly. Dismissed as slightly crazy at best. 

Individuals who have witnessed or experienced something incredible aren’t a thread. Nor are they in danger, that is to say, in danger from any government force or beyond. Whether they are in outer worldly danger is a whole different story. Logically I would say they’re not. But anyway, that’s not what I want to talk about here. What of someone who has worked at let’s say Area 51 or associated comes forward and tells the world what they have seen and worked on. Now that’s another story. They actually have information that they shouldn’t have. Sure, you shouldn’t have seen the UFO, but you don’t know how it works. Some people may know this. And they shouldn’t talk too much. 

Bob Lazar and area 51

Someone who did is for instance Bob Lazar. His records of where he went to college are seemingly entirely erased. Track him and you won’t find him in the files where he claims to have studied or worked. And that will make any person suspicious. Why lie about that right? In the case of Lazar they haven’t been able to erase everything and he is traceable, even if it is unconventional (his name appears in a printed phone book from the university. Which comes to show that it’s not always a bad thing to keep things in your possession too long.). This is a man who knows a lot. He is able to tell you how your typical UFO may work. His information and story about element 115 is unchanged for 30 years. 

Is he under surveillance? You might say so. When he talked about classified information on tape, even without the immediate purpose to expose this to the world, his house was raided. The FBI was looking for ‘some specific papers’. Whether they found them is unclear to me, but I suspect they’re not. To Lazar is was another crazy chapter in his life after coming out, anonymously at first, about his research at S4. His life and that of his family, has changed. Here is a brilliant man, he builds rockets on motorcycles and doesn’t blow himself up while riding them, who has done some incredible research. And he believes we have a right to know. Some people disagree and unfortunately for him and the rest of the world, these people seemingly possess quite some power. 

How UFOs fly

When does someone know too much? Lazar has shared his knowledge but probably not all of it. He tells us about the Gravity Propulsion System inside a UFO and will tell you that it flies vertically and not horizontally as often pictured. This doesn’t sound very aerodynamic but he explains and it makes sense. He knows these things. He has told about these things. The people who have listened to him, and think that what he says makes sense and believe him, will automatically know these things too. Of course they lack all the technical details, minor and large. Are they knowing too much as well? Do they have to be afraid that their homes are being raided as well?

Well, no. Because they have not been inside the department that is doing ‘stuff’ we shouldn’t know about for whatever reasons there may be. And it’s incredibly easy to dismiss these people as crazy. Chances are that you are reading this and if you’ve come this far you think ‘But Mel, do you really believe all this? Do you really believe in UFO? I thought you were smarter than that.’ You may think that and it wouldn’t matter that much. But since the 1950s and certainly since the 1960s the entire UFO phenomenon has been ridiculed. It was scientifically investigated at the same time. Most people will think twice by saying they believe something to be true about UFOs. No one wants to be told they’re stupid after all. 

Nothing new

But people who have worked at Area 51 and related places, who have worked for the government investigating strange aerial phenomenon, that’s another story. Reporters who are digging too deep could be at risk as well. Everyone who is capable of harming the current system of capitalism is at risk. That’s not you reading this and me writing this. The group of civilians who could do this is way too small. But before they start to grow in numbers, it’s best to silence the ones who know. It’s nothing new. Nikolai Tesla claimed that electricity was a power source that comes for free. It’s possibly to provide every home, luxurious and slums alike, with a simple but effective tool that will provide unlimited power. Well, that is a blow for capitalism isn’t it? Tesla, a brilliant mind, therefore had a rough life. 

I know I have told this story before and I will keep on telling it. Just because astronomy and physics are interests of mine, doesn’t mean I can’t and shouldn’t believe in what some people may call silly stuff like UFOs. As long as people are being silenced and intimidated for the things they know and may or may not yet have said, I say we should be aware of the greater picture. We should continue to explore the stars, of course, make progress on our planet. But UFOs are very much real. Believing so may result in being called dumb. But if that’s the case, well, so be it. 

Why haven’t we heard from the aliens?

One of the most heard questions about aliens is “If there are aliens, why haven’t we heard from them yet?”. This is also known as the Fermi Paradox. But just because we haven’t heard from aliens, doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Here I’m merely focusing on the reasons why we haven’t heard from them. We’re here and listening, so, what gives?

They haven’t found us yet

If they don’t know we exist, how are they going to send us messages? How are they going to visit us? They don’t know where we are and where to look! And quite frankly, there are many species on our own planet unexplored as well. They have no idea there’s this species that calls itself intelligent out there, that will tag them and partly destroy them as soon as they tale notice of them. And we don’t know they are there so we can’t tag them in the first place. Ignorance can be bliss. We just haven’t been noticed yet.

And think of this. We’re just a tiny planet in a tiny solar system with a tiny sun. The chances an alien civilization will have found our star may be likely, but will they know planets are orbiting it? And will they know how many and are they able to find the rock planets? Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth really aren’t all that big and relatively close to the sun. Seen from Saturn we’re nothing more than a pale blue dot. We barely see ourselves from within our solar system, how are we traceable from outside, or even outside our galaxy? If they’re equally advanced like us, it’s very likely they haven’t found us yet, just like we haven’t found them. For all we know, we might even be the most advanced species in the universe.

We’re not interesting to them

If an alien civilisation is able to detect and contact us, chances are that they have done this before. They’re probably part of a multi-galactic alliance with numerous of species. To them, finding life in the universe is common and the real question is why on some worlds or solar systems life hasn’t evolved at all. Finding life in the universe is not that special to them. It’s more something that they expect to find.

If that’s the case, they’re a highly advanced race. Benefited from other races from various galaxies. They are way more advanced than we are. They know how to explore the universe way beyond our imagination. They’ve found us. But with all the other advanced civilizations they know, we’re just not interesting enough. We’re just galactic infants who barely made it to our own moon. Hardly impressive. We’re not trying to talk to ants either. So why would they want to talk to us? They may observe until they get bored. Some nerds may stay behind and continue to observe us. They may also be the laughing stock of their species for doing so.

We have, but it’s not common knowledge for whatever reason that may be

Roswell, 1947. An alien craft crashes. Two passengers die due to the impact, but one survives. It causes a stir but soon the word is out. It was just a weather balloon. Move along, nothing to see here. Just the military picking up the pieces and taking the evidence away. Then, Area 51 comes in existence, and is being denied.

While the pieces of alien spacecraft are being investigated and studied, the lone survivor is being patched up. They’re able to tell where they’re from. They have a wealth of knowledge and technological skills way beyond our own. They’re able to phone home. They’re telling about this species of humans and they agree on sharing information among each other. They study us. In return we get they’re knowledge. Only, us and we are not the same group of people. Us don’t know what we know. Why? Ask we, whoever they are.

We have but we’re not listening

It’s life! It’s intelligent life! Look, they have satellites! They must be intelligent! We must send them a message that we are here. It will be such a surprise! It’s how we would react and it’s very likely that an alien civilization will react the same. So they send out a message to us. With coordinates telling us where they are. DNA information. Images, sound files. A warm welcome. Send to our planet. But they will not get a responds.


Let’s just hope the sending party is advanced enough to understand that we’re not being impolite and see the radio silence as an act of war. And where I say radio silence, it should read whatever the form of communication they decided to use to contact us. Not being on the same wavelength is a saying used to explain that two persons simply doesn’t understand each other due to different interests or intelligence level. It can also be used to explain why we haven’t heard from them. We’re using a different wavelength. Hence we are receiving but are simply not listening with the right tools. And this goes vice versa. Our wavelengths may have reached another civilisation but they’re not listening to that frequency.

We may not be alone. But maybe we’re just very lonely.