Important information about my name change. Hi, I’m Mel!

This blog post may prove my most challenging yet. And while it won’t change this blog and my space communicating ambitions, there is something else that is changing. The name of this blog from Martine’s Rymd to Mel’s Space. And that alone may require a small explanation.

Last week I’ve been to the hospital to start an important change in my life. I’m not female but I don’t want to be male either. I’m neither. I’m agender. After discovering this years ago, talking about this for years with the person who pointed this out to me in the first place (eventually I married her), I went to the family doctor and explained my situation. This is how my hospital appointment came about and while this was just a talk and a test, for me this day marks the day that I will be open about it.

Is that scary? You bet it is! Years ago I didn’t even know what agender was and I’m one myself! People see me as female and address me as such. I can’t even blame anyone but it really starts to bug me. I know other women find it annoying when getting thrown ‘women stuff’ at them. But I don’t identify as one. I want that to change and I realise that it’s going to be an interesting journey. But I can’t continue to not say anything just because I don’t want to confuse anyone. Right now, I’m confusing and frustrating myself and that’s not a good thing.

This blog is still about space, aliens, the universe, Star Trek and my personal space musings. That’s not going to change. I might however will start using it to write about the journey from woman to agender as well. You may find that under ‘personal’. It’s scary but I feel good about it and in the end it’s that what matters. Feeling good in your body and doing the things you love. And that thing is still writing about space and aliens. But you can call me Mel now. And this is my space. Mel’s Space.

Thank you for reading this.

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