I’m a content writer

For all my life there was one thing I’ve always wanted: being a writer. I wrote a lot of things. Short stories, long stories, music reviews, music reviews of music that didn’t even exist. I wrote so many blog posts in my life and I wrote even more letters. I come from a time where letter writing was still a thing. With those letters from people from all over the world, you sent some FB’s (short for Friendship Booklet), in which you penned down your name, address, your interests and decorated it with stickers and anything you could think of. That’s how you were able to meet your new penpal. That’s before social media and GIF images indeed.

Where I am

Move forward 30 years. I don’t write letters anymore but keep in touch with people I would never have known over Twitter. I have at least three unfinished books on my drive. A dozen unfinished stories. I have many more stories in my head. I have this blog which I really should update a whole lot more than I do. Professionally I have an office job, something my younger me would never have approved. But the mortgage (younger me: ‘You have a what??’) needs to be paid. In this job, I’m known for my on point emails. My emails have turned down many costs. It’s all good and well. But I still want to be a writer.

How do you become a writer? It’s two things and one is easier than the other. First up: you write. If you write something down, you’re a writer. It’s really as simple as that. And how come I don’t feel like a writer? That’s when the second thing comes rolling in: finish what you start. And I’ve never been good at that. What if when I finish something it’s actually good? For twenty years I’ve held myself back by the fact that I’m scared to make my dream come true.

A new human

Well, no more. I’m a new human. I’ve decided to live like the person that I am, a non binary being disapproving many things that seem normal to a lot of people. I’ve taken a new name (online) and a new look. So why not a new profession? I’m going to be a (content) writer! This is what I want and this is what I’m going to do.

In order to be a (content) writer, I need to write. I need to show what I’m capable of. I need to be bold and offer my services. But most of all, I need to write. I’m dedicating three days of my commute to writing again. Without connecting my chromebook to the internet. So yeah, I need to edit all my writing errors later at home. But who cares. Going back and correcting every red line is just distracting. I want to write write write!

Blogs, space and agendas

I’ll be updating this blog a whole lot more, and as it’s a space blog, it will be about that. It’s about content right? Soon I’ll be launching my agender agenda blog as well. This will be a Dutch blog about being non binary in the Netherlands. I’m on that journey as well and there’s a lot of things that need more attention. But that’s for that blog. This is space!

So hello, here’s to new beginnings. It’s time to be what I want to be. A writer. It’s never too late to throw your career and life around. I hope to look back at this entry in ten years time sitting on my green balcony in Gotenburg, Sweden, with a smile on my face. That I’m a successful content writer and possibly an author. And that my partner and I moved to our beloved Sweden. Dare to dream. I’m finally going to live it.

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