Diving into the universe is complicated

Yesterday, I was talking about what falls into the category The Meaning Of Life. I uttered the words “Well, I don’t want to make things more complicated than they already are for other people” during this conversation. Already then this was met with some disapproval. I realised after sleeping on it that it indeed was an odd thing to say. Especially for me.

Questions of life

I’ve got my Science Writing degree. In 2019 I really want to do something with that. I want to explain the universe to people. But I also want to theorise the universe, use quantum physics for this. I want to explain why life should exist in the universe. To go into the difficult questions of the universe. I want to tell people that dark matter is going through their bodies right now. If I’m really good I’ll be telling them what that is as well.

Talking about complicated right? I don’t do things easy. Some things can be solved by simple things but they don’t always occur to me. I suffer the consequences rather than solving it by doing something simple. Human beings are rather complex beings, if only they would use their brain. It’s a good thing some (or most, but I’m not an optimist) humans still do. I want to explore the complex universe. I want to share this with people.

Radical ideas

But then, why wouldn’t I want to make things complicated for people around me when it’s about me? Perhaps I don’t want to go through reactions people will give. It may be a change for me but that’s one years in the making. Do I really want to change people’s life by dropping what could be a bombshell?

It’s like a scientist working on a theory. It involves struggle. It involves complex thinking and radical ideas. Then, the theory is complete, years in the making. The theory is published and the world reacts. What the fuck? This is something completely different. The scientist is left feeling hurt. Why are people reacting so hostile?

Diving into the universe

So there’s that. I’m diving into the universe and expect that it won’t confuse people. Perhaps I shouldn’t just hide behind space, aliens and theoretical physics but think about my own happiness as well. But as it is with any theory, one step at the time. That’s what I shall do. Watch this space as science writing is on its way. And who knows I’ll take you on a personal journey as well. I hope I can count on your support on both journeys.

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