Looking for a certain subject? Click at one of the categories at the top to find all entries that fall into that category. Some fall in more categories as they are somewhat categorie-fluid. I don’t discriminate, you’ll find them in both.

What can you expect from the categories?


Does what says on the thin basically. Everything you’ll find in space (planets, moons, space missions, astronauts, exoplanets, life, nebulae, comets, black holes, and what not) you’ll find in this category. I love space, it’s fascinating. And we still know nothing.


Extraterrestrial intelligence, Grays, Nordics, Visitors, whatever you name them. Basically it’s where I theorize about any extraterrestrial intelligence. Other extraterrestrial life goes in space. Also alien conspiracy theories, UFOs, Area 51, you might find that here as well.


Since I came out an agender, things have changed in ways I never thought possible. It’s one thing to be you in your bubble, it’s another when you come out and want to show the world. In general it makes me feel a whole lot better. But I also encounter things I never thought about and now keep me busy, that stuff goes here.

Star Trek

NEW CATEGORY! I mention Star Trek in my subtitle but don’t have a category for this? Consider this fixed. The more I watch Star Trek, the more obsessed I am about it. But I’m fascinated by the whole concept. The exploration, the friendships, the fantastic future that is ahead of us. All things Trek go here.


If I read a book, I try to review it here. When I saw something incredible on TV, a documentary or something, I will put that here to. I’m here to spread the joy.


Things about my life, ideas, travels or anything that just won’t fit anything else, no matter how hard I try, goes here. Me going nuts over Schrödinger’s Cat? Here. Struggling with a course (or, succeeding), here as well. Wondering why everything is Star Wars and not Star Trek, here as well. Also find LGBTQ+ here as well sometimes. Twitter basically, but then with more characters.