Aliens aren’t naked but what if they’re not aliens?

One of the grey alien aspects that just doesn’t add up is that they are described as being naked. If you have traveled numerous light-years and have that extraordinary technology, you still face the challenge of entering territory that is different from your own. You’re bound to need some sort of protection, especially when visiting Earth which is terribly polluted. Furthermore they’re bound to be scientists so they will be needing tools, so a bag of some sorts would be quite useful as well. Or, if they are less friendly in nature, they will be carrying weapons, on the body or elsewhere.

Aliens witnessed

So, naked aliens are unlikely and if their culture doesn’t do clothes and they know they can’t be harmed by our environment, more power to them, but tools (and / or weapons) need to be carried one way or the other. Yet, people claim to have seen them. The aliens from Roswell are said to have been naked. The aliens from Close Encounter of the Third Kind (fictional) are pictured naked and have been created to the average report of the encounters the film is about.

Are all these witnesses crazy and have they had a crazy illusion? Our mind is a wondrous thing so that is possible. But let’s assume they have indeed seen something physical. A naked being? Well, there’s one theory that would actually support that. As a firm believer that naked aliens just won’t visit us, this theory (of mine – if others have the same idea, then I haven’t read it yet) is quite a big deal.

Artificial intelligence

We think we’re far in the development of AI but so far we don’t have to worry yet. We’re not going to being run over by AI embodied by robots any time soon. But the development of such a thing is going faster than the average person might expect. Before we know it we have humanoid robots fighting our wars for us, which is a much better idea, if we really have to act to war, than dropping an a-bomb. But also in our daily lives AI is becoming a steady part of our life. There’s Siri. Alexa. Even the automatic vacuum cleaner is a form of AI. Keep on developing and we create the real perfect image of ourselves. Smart and indestructible. With an unlimited time span.

This is where it gets interesting. That would mean that we would be able to send these AI, shaped to our image if we want to, in a rocket ship to explore the stars. Using the right material we don’t need to worry about too much G Force, we can speed up the ship as fast as we can possibly manage. They can fly forever, land on any surface in any galaxy and explore. If we would create an android to our image, like Data from Star Trek, we provide it with clothes. But of it doesn’t, would it need clothes? Would a white android not look silly with clothes on? We would think it does. So we will send them on their quest naked. Regardless of the fact that they can do all the things we can – and even better so.


We don’t know what extraterrestrial life may look like. What if they do not look like greys at all and they are simply androids send from another galaxy, send out to explore strange new worlds? Or androids from another dimension for that matter? They probably don’t even need tools. So what we think to be extraterrestrials may simply be their robots. Which would explain how they could travel such a distance. And their nakedness.

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