about this site

I had many blogs about many subjects. You may remember this side as a space and aliens site that was more matter of factually. Where I really enjoyed that, I realised that I missed just writing away. Blogging to be precise. I was more science writing than blogging. Nothing wrong with that, but now what I really wanted. I want to write, blog, expressing myself in every way I can.

Now, this blog is about SPACE but also ALIENS (I love aliens and I believe so there’s that) but also about LGBTQ+. And you might think, what does that have to do with anything? As it turns out, more than you think. I identify as agender (nor male, nor female, simple without gender). Also, space is without gender. Space couldn’t care less what gender you are, it will still try and kill you in the most horrible way possible. Also, aliens are agender, or so we often picture them (unless you are a guy living in a basement having weird fantasies about aliens). I guess that’s what probably draw me to them in the first place, who is to say my mind works. I don’t know either.

A blog is what you are passionate about. I’m passionate about SPACE, ALIENS, STAR TREK, BOOKS (you’ll find those two in the reviews sections), but also about LGBTQ+ and gender rights in general. Since I came out as agender, a whole new world opened. And where I’m exploring space, I’m exploring the LGBTQ+  universe and especially the agender universe as well.

So in short, this is all about exploration. If you’re here for space, you don’t have to read about aliens and LGBTQ+ of course, but you might want to, you might think it interests you in some way as well. Maybe you’re here for the aliens, you will probably already love space and I hope you’ll read my LGBTQ+ posts as well, it matters to aliens. And if you’re here for LGBTQ+, well, awesome! Please read my posts about space and aliens as well, space has no genders and is for all of us.

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